Regina RICA celebrates her first fiesta

Regina RICA celebrates her first fiesta October 24, 2015, the 4th saturday of October. We started with the dawn rosary around the compound and we went up to Our Lady on top of the hill, Mama Mary Regina Rosarii. Fr. Bong Sanches, our parish priest celebrated the mass. Fr. Bong recounted his first mass in Regina RICA in 2009 where his shoes were filled with mud. The place initially was muddy and had plenty of talahib with nothing to see. When our Lady came a lot of miracles happened. Suddenly people came and we thought it will stop when they have seen our Lady but it never stopped. More people came and when you ask before the mass how many are the first timers you will see that 3/4 or even 4/5 of the people who come are first timers. Our Lady calls indeed on top of the hill… as the song of Sister Eppie would tell us.

Another mass was celebrated at 11 AM celebrated by our beloved bishop Most Reverend Gabriel Reyes, DD and still another mass at 4 PM was celebrated in the columbary, we call RICA Pahuwayan.









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