Biyaya Blessings for all

You have gone to Regina Rica because you were curious and wanted to see what Regina RICA is all about. You ask for  blessing and have received one and numerous blessings.

If you have received a blessing let us give our thanks to our Lady by being a blessing to others. If you are still asking our Lady, thank her now. Join us in this Dinner for a Cause, a night of dancing, singing, delighting in blessings. If you are not in the Philippines you can still be part of BIYAYA by writing to us at

To all our benefactors big and small, whether bote bote donor or our million donor please come and celebrate BIYAYA with us at PICC, Reception Hall at 6 PM on December 8, 2015. Our events are fun and memorable. Come and see.Biyaya banner web

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