Blessing of the New Pasilungan

Blessing of the New Pasilungan. Pasilingan is an Ilonggo word that means under the shade. This is our new restaurant in Regina RICA.

What happens in Regina RICA is that we cater to serve the pilgrims our Lady calls to Regina RICA. It all started when Sr. Eppie brought our Lay associates the ROCA, the Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association and we all went up the hill that was bare to raise our hands in prayer to Mama Mary Regina Rosarii, we prayed and sang the song “O the Lady is calling on the top of the hill”. Little did we know that our Lady will invite so many pilgrims to RICA. So first and foremost was the building of Mama Mary in Regina RICA. Then the pilgrims so many of them needed a place to eat so Pasilungan was born made of native materials. More people came, our Pasilungan could no longer accommodate them plus the fact that the name materials were falling down so the new Pasilungan was made which is now 3 storey building with a coffee shop to serve coffee lovers. Pasilungan serves healthy food which is our advocacy that we all need to be healthy.

Our parish priest Fr. Bong Sanches blest our new Pasilungan which is now ready to serve Mama Mary’s pilgrims. In the pictures you will see the first pilgrims of the day to come and eat in our new Pasilungan.

Fr. Bong Sanchez blesses the new Pasilungan


DSC_0287a DSC_0291a DSC_0302aDSC_0301a

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