Our Lady at RICA

She is called here as Regina Rosarii, the Latin version of Queen of the Rosary, the patron saint of RICA and under whose patronage we offer all the prayers and intentions of all the pilgrims and devotees.

Our Foundress commissioned the late artist Jojo Barcena, Jr., and gave him her vision of how Our Lady must look like. Every inch of Our Lady is pre-approved by Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP because she wanted to be true to the image of Our Lady planted in her heart.

She is an enlarged version of the Regina Rosarii – La Viajera whose image is being carried in a motorcade procession around Sampaloc every October.

La Viajera is the loving nickname given to her by our Foundress, Sr Eppie Brasil, OP, because she travelled with her around the United States of America while she was seeking support for her projects.

La Viajera is a heritage gift from the Foundress’ parents – Fray Domingo Brasil, OP and Sr. Mary Amelia F. Brasil, OP – now both in heaven. When Sr. Eppie opened her first Center for Contemplative Prayer at 55 Scout Santiago in Quezon City, her parents said, “Something is lacking.” So they gifted her with the replica of Our Lady of La Naval in Santo Domingo Church.

The Queen of the Most Holy Rosary has been central in the life of our Foundress, who dedicated her life to be Our Lady’s sister-servant. She believes that she is Virgin Most Powerful, not just because of her victory in the battle of Lepanto and in the Battle of La Naval, but also in the many battles of her own life as a consecrated woman.

Sr. Eppie had a miraculous healing from a severe form of Myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease. She attributed her complete healing to the intercession of Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.

Millions of pilgrims shared her belief since then.

The prayer marker is for people who do not have the physical ability to go up SULOD. They can pray while holding the mantle.

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