Biyaya for RICA at PICC

BIYAYA (blessings) celebrated in PICC on December 8, 2015 was indeed a day to remember. We thank the presence of Mama Mary in Regina RICA, her continued inspiration and guidance to all of us as she continues to invite pilgrims to Regina RICA.

The Regina RICA choir sang the opening prayer, “Lord heal our Land”. In this time of climate change this is what RICA is praying for Lord heal our land, Our Lady heal the people that comes to you.

BIYAYA started with the story of the beginnings and the unfolding events in Regina RICA. Many people had been touched indeed and 8 of them came forward to tell the stories in the 8 wonders that they have seen in Regina RICA. While the 7 described the different places in Regina RICA, Sr. Eppie tells us you are the 8th wonder of Regina RICA and this was received with a loud applause of everyone present.

As we ate we were entertained by the music of the Red Strings Quartet.

We had the testimony of Jessica and Michael Plana on how their daughter born 6 months old Regina Plana has survived through the intercession of Mama Mary through the accompanying prayers of Sr. Eppie. She was born as big as the palm of my hand Jessica her mother would say. And Regina now 5′ sang for us Annie’s song “Tomorrow”. We had tears in our eyes realizing that she is a miracle baby.

Bro. Chito Jongco gave us an inspirational message to share our gifts & blessings.

We then had the dance of the sisters followed by the Rigodon the Honor of our members.

This was followed by the AVP made by Bro. Manny Freires a beautiful aerial view of RICA.

This event marked a great fellowship where all of us felt the call of our Lady Regina Rosarii and felt her presence in our hearts.

We would like to thank all those who gifted us with their time and presence; those who were not able to come but gifted us and sharing with us their financial blessings. We would like to thank our young Biyaya ushers & usherettes the 4th year Tourism students of Trinity University of Asia through the recommendation of Ms. Leah Mangohig. We would like to thank our voice over who donated his beautiful voice to us Danny Sembrano; our CT LAMP who sacrificed their time, talents & treasure in weekly meetings they had planning for this event. The PICC management for being ever ready to assist us, the Via Mare staff for accommodating us and assisting us and the sumptuous meal served that made the stomach happy. Our members who gave so much time to practice the Rigodon dance and Connie Dizon who saw to it everything was in place. To tito frank and staff for picture display at PICC, Dina Amante for the graphic works in the invitations, tickets etc. Sr. Maureen Ava de Mesa, OP & her staff our members in the front lines and many more countless generous persons who were ever ready to assist us. And the last but not the least to Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP our founder, the person who would inspire and animate us especially when the going would get rough; and her ever ready work force and multi talented support: her sisters and lay associates.

DSC_3902 DSC_4080

Our members preparing for the Rigodon de Honor
Regina ROSA members from RICA, Tanay
Regina Plana rendering us a song Tomorrow
The Regina RICA choir sings Lord heal our Land
Via Mare serves us a very good meal everybody is happy about.
Bro. Chito Jongco
Danny Sembrano, our voice over
4th year Tourism students, Trinity University of Asia

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