Join the RICA Project

Sr. Eppie Brasil OP is the Foundress of RICA. She is an educator and teacher of contemplation, an artist, harpist, composer, writer, healer, and space designer.

She was the first to be called to the RICA Project of Mama Mary.

At RICA, God has called different types of people to help the mission of Mama Mary – to bring humanity, especially the poor and the broken to the love of Jesus through a contemplative way of life.

Pilgrims are called to experience His Abundance of Hope, Healing, and Hospitality by visiting RICA.

Lay Contemplatives are called to live a contemplative way of life by following the example of Mama Mary.

Volunteers are called to serve Our Lady by sharing their time, talents, and treasures.

And the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii are called to offer their whole lives to the mission.

If you feel the call to any of these, you are blessed. But if you hear whispers in your soul to offer your whole life to serve Our Lady, join this discernment seminar, or maybe just visit the sisters and see.

It doesn’t matter who you are, we will help you become the best version of yourself fully surrendered to this life – a counselor or computer encoder, accountant or agriculturist, social worker or student of history, teacher or theologian, educator or editor

You will be valuable. You will be valued.