When God calls we go.

When God calls we go. Sr. Eppie heard the call to help the evacuees from Marawi City. So every where she went she campaigned hard with a talk and with silence over the plight of our Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters. We went to see and to experience their fears and their pain. We did not know whom and where to go but eventually the hand of God pointed the way. We were able to get in touch with a priest we had never met before. He brought us to the evacuation centers. They had food, water to drink and even to wash their clothes. They had mats. But it was hot and they lacked one thing fans. Rey gave us the tip and so we brought fans.  Look at the “cardboard fan” they were using until we gave them fans. Even though life is difficult see what a small fan can bring –  smiles in their faces.

We also visited home based refugees. We also gave the Diocese of Iligan for their crisis intervention funds to “de stress” the trauma caused by war. We helped with financial blessings that was sent for them through our generous donors, members and friends. Thank you to all who had helped.

May we share with all of you the joy that we have received through the smiles, hand shakes and even embraces from the people we met. It is when people are faced with dire need and deprivation that an act of kindness is appreciated the most. Photo credits: ReyBarn & Sr Menchi

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Sr. Maureen Ava de Mesa, OP renews her vows

On the feast of the Visitation of our Lady, a very happy celebration for the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii, Sr. Maureen Ava de Mesa, OP renews her profession on May 31, 2017. The mass was presided by our mentor and Spiritual Director, Fr. James Ferry, MM

Sr. Maureen is assigned in Regina RICA.

Photo credits: Dina Abuel. Thank you Dina.






46 days countdown to Sr. Eppie’s Golden Jubilee

picture 46 days Capture

Contemplative prayer in SULOD

See how the children pray in SULOD. Contemplative prayer touches the soul.

Sister Eppie has taught the prayer of Silence and stillness as a young principal in a school in Bacolod. Her students now young professionals now recall how that prayer of Silence taught them to listen.

CHILDREN AT SULODWe acknowledge the photo taken by Sr. Irene Rafer, OP to capture the precious moment.


Foundation Day gift: Book Launching the story of RICA

When we were kids we like stories and when a good storyteller comes our eyes open and our hearts are delighted when we feel the experience of the story being told to us. This is the effect of ABUNDANCE 2, the story of RICA written by a storyteller Mr. Reynaldo Barnido.

If you would like to own your copy of ABUNDANCE 2: Under the mantle of our Lady. Please call Maricris (02) 3725327 or email us at

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Notes from Sister Eppie 50days count down to her Golden Jubilee

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