Pahuwayan: Secure your Eternal Apartment NOW!

A Special Path to Perpetual Rest

Do you want to rest under the loving gaze of Our Lady Regina Rosarii? Stay eternally at rest at Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary, conceptualized by the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii.
After the ban was lifted in the 1960s, Catholics became more open to the practice of cremation. Columbaria now are also gaining popularity in the Philippines as it cuts costs and saves physical space on earth.

In 1983, the late Pope John Paul II promulgated the revised Code of Canon Law. Accordingly, the Archdiocese of Manila released in November 1998 a circular to priests in the dioceses which echoed the recommendations of the Vatican.

Following Cannon 1176, it states that “Deceased members of the Christian faithful must be given ecclesiastical funerals according to the norm of law.

“The Church earnestly recommends that the pious custom of burying the bodies of the deceased be observed; nevertheless, the Church does not prohibit cremation unless it was chosen for reasons contrary to Christian doctrine.”

Columbaria are continuously gaining acceptance as an alternative to expensive and space-consuming memorial plots. These are places where urns of our dearly departed are kept and are usually located next to a church.

The Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary is surrounded by green grass in a garden setting next to the Regina Rosarii Chapel on the Hill directly below the loving gaze of Our Lady Regina Rosarii.

Pahuwayansa RICA Columbary and Ossuary is a manifestation of hope in the appreciation of fragility of our current being which is in a process of imminent death. It is the light of knowing our eventual end that our path in life must be guided. However, this guidance is not meant to make us fearful, instead it is to lead us into repentance and forgiveness.

Why choose eternal rest at Pahuwayansa RICA?

Filipinos value the lasting bond between the living and the dead. For us, it is necessary to continue our relationship with those who have gone before us and keep them forever close to our hearts. Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary is not just your regular columbary. It has unique features to benefit you and your loved ones and you can rest assured that they will always be remembered with love and care.

The gentle sound of the flowing water in the nearby Lihim Waterfalls resonates with the whispers of the wind among lush foliage and creates an ambiance of serenity. You can actually take a meditation walk in the circular path while enjoying the breathtaking view from the open air structure and taking comfort with piped-in music.

With Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary, your beloved one will always be remembered especially during the month of November in the liturgical life of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. You are assured of a prayerful atmosphere in this solemn and sacred space.

Regina RICA is a place of pilgrimage and so the congregation values order and cleanliness in the place ensuring the daily care and perpetual maintenance of its columbary.

A few meters away from the columbary is the Regina Rosarii Chapel on the Hill where Mass is said every day and where bereaved families can pray. In the three-storey chapel structure are eight clean restrooms.

Regina RICA also accommodates onsite reception and lunch facilities and services. It serves delicious vegetarian food which can somehow give comfort to grieving families.

RICA has a safe and secure parking place. You vehicle can also park near the columbary or the chapel after a vehicle parking permit is obtained from the Pilgrims’ Place.

The Setting and the Landscape

Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary lies on the 13.5 hectare land of Regina RICA in Tanay, Rizal and administered by the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. The circular columbary occupies 4,000 square meters including the garden and is nestled in the mountainside between the 71 foot statue of Our Lady Regina Rosarii and the Regina Rosarii Chapel on the hill. Its architecture and landscape gives an ambiance of peace, serenity and calmness.

Unique in its design and made to last many generations, Pahuwayansa RICA Columbary and Ossuary commands a breathtaking view of nature with its trees, vegetation and hills that brings you closer to nature as you visit your loved ones.

At the end of the outer pathway in the left lane, there is a passageway that will lead you to the viewing deck where you can take in the view of the Lihim Waterfalls on the right side. On your left you can see the view of Sunset Hill, Regina Rosarii Chapel on the hill, and the statue of St. Joseph waving to Our Lady Regina Rosarii. And depending on the time of your visit, you can even observe the flock of grazing sheep and be entertained by the sounds of the guinea fowl and peacock.

Pahuwayansa RICA Columbary and Ossuary sets the mood of closeness with our loved ones through the serenity of nature. The flow of water gliding gently through rocks and boulders, from Lihim Waterfall harmonizes with the gentle music of the wind.

Although outdoor, you can be protected from the scorching heat of the sun as fruit bearing trees are plentiful in the area. The green grass and the artistically-designed ornamental plants add to the freshness of the air and the serenity and peace that you can only experience in the surroundings of Regina RICA.

The Architecture

Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary, with its unique circular design, features 1,350 burial niches. The circular shape of the columbary is a symbol of eternity, the very gift awaiting us upon death.

The façade’s formations depict the pixels which are the very foundations of the pictures that overrule and overwhelm modern times. As we partake of our journey in this world, we must take special care to invest for our souls in eternal riches instead of fleeting fancies.

The whole place is surrounded with eight mystic women saints beloved by the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. The angelic figures of the women mystics gracefully stand guard in every lane so that their faces offer quiet comfort. Their elegant garb moves fluidly seemingly caught in the middle of a passionate dance.

At the entrance of the columbary is the statue of Mary Magdalene with her popular message during the resurrection “I have seen the Lord!” She is depicted as fluid and active as she dances with joy in witnessing Christ’s resurrection.

Upon entering Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary, you will be welcomed by two saints, St. Joan of Arc and St. Therese of the Child Jesus, gracefully pointing to their lanes. Inside at the first turn of the inner area of the circular place you will find St. Anne, the mother of Mary, with the little Mary gazing lovingly at her mother. At the opposite side, St. Gertrude is calmly seated on top of the vaults. Near her is St. Elizabeth of Hungary. On the second level just above St. Anne, you will find the Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta and St. Rose of Lima sitting elegantly on the top of the vault.

The active and animated quality of the figures shows that life creates its own unique harmony and we must dance in the music of our destiny. The mystics are gathered together in worship united by nothing more than the unwavering love and dedication to serve God and serve others. They stand as a resounding reminder for us to choose the life and ministry that will ignite our hearts and bring peace to us and our souls.

At the center of the columbary, there is a round metallic altar table where you can put the urns of your beloved during the burial Mass. The circular aisles are illuminated with hidden bulbs in different colors.

The Vaults

Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary has seven lanes of niches. Each lane is guarded and dedicated to a woman mystic. The niches are made of Class A-concrete casted with reinforced steel coated with waterproofing inside and out. The material is extremely durable and highly resistant to the effects of the environment. The interior of the niches are finished with premium gold aluminum cladding. The niches are designed incorporating multiple moisture prevention and dissipation features. An atmosphere of reverence and dignity is further heightened with covers made from all prime natural black stone granite sourced from Italy. All the bolts and nuts are stainless steel and welded inside the concrete for durable strength and security. Each niche has its own wall and is self-contained to prohibit unauthorized access.

For aesthetic and security, a double nut lock with umbrella cap is used to close the niche. Portraying a contemplative way of life, a minimalist concept-design was used to create a prayerful atmosphere.

All the niches are sized to accommodate 4-6 family members’ standard-sized urns. All the niches are at prime locations with mountain or altar view. The face plate inscription will include the name, birth year and death year of the beloved dead. To ensure uniformity, the size of the letters are designated including both upper case and lower case letters.

Intended to bring these niches to the hands of many, the right for the use of the vaults can be assigned or transferred.

Why planning your final perpetual resting place is important

If you are considering cremation and a special way of remembrance, an interment in a columbarium is the best option. Thinking about funerals leaves most people feeling uncomfortable. However, planning your own funeral arrangements offers immense emotional and even financial security for you and your family. In time of grief, unexpected pressures can often result in hurried decisions which may be contrary to the will of the deceased. With pre-planning, families are consoled knowing that the funeral reflects what their loved one desired and gives them peace of mind at a stressful time.

When you accept that death is a basic part of life, you can confidently imagine your earthly mortality and embrace the practical realities of planning for the time of death. Securing a time- honored privilege to use one of the vaults at Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary for you and your family’s perpetual rest is a good option for your peace of mind. A columbary presents flexibility and affordability as a final resting place for you and your love ones.

Donation depends on position of the vault

Pahuwayan sa RICA Columbary and Ossuary offers affordable donation amounts. The donation for the vaults depends on the level of the vault. Donors can avail of the privilege to use the vaults with one time donation or monthly donations.

Getting a vault and making a donation for your columbary will ensure that even after the flowers have withered, you will continue to leave a legacy.

For more information on how to reserve a vault, Please call Sr. Mary Irene V. Rafer, OP at 0935-012-1578 or 0920-609-0300. You may also email your inquiries to