Sacred Spaces at RICA:
The RICA Labyrinth

As a School of Contemplation, RICA has spaces for meditation, such as the labyrinth.

Like other meditation practices, walking the labyrinth offers us a way to quiet ourselves in order to center and listen to the inner voice of God. The intrinsic circles offer a path to inner depth where we can invite God in.

“Life has a way of disrupting our inner peace and sense of direction. But walking the labyrinth remains a time-honored way to slow down and encounter God. With the labyrinth, everything operates on the level of metaphor. The path symbolizes our life’s journey. The circle represents wholeness, and the design leads us to our center. The labyrinth’s twists and turns feel like the twists and turns of our lives. And when we walk it with other people, we are reminded that no one makes this journey alone.”

(Excerpt from Labyrinth: Walking a Prayerful Path by Heidi Schlumpf, managing editor at U.S. Catholic magazine).

For group pilgrimages, kindly contact Ethel at 09151372353 or 84012036