RICA Celebrates Volunteers Day

There are only 13 Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. How they can serve the needs of 50,000 pilgrims each week is a work of Mama Mary. She calls men and women, young and old, professionals and businessmen, students and out-of-school youth, near and afar to be part of the RICA Volunteer Family.

Last January 28, 2023, RICA Pilgrim Care and Volunteer Management Unit headed by Sr. Sarah Ronda, OP organized the RICA Volunteer Day 2023.

Members of the organizations founded by Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP namely Dominican Inspired Volunteer Association (DIVA), Regina Rosarii Service Assistants (ROSA RICA), Regina RICA Choir, Chapel Acolytes, Chapel Association of Liturgical Leaders and Servers, Chapel Greeters, and Yuhom came together to attend a short recollection given by Rey Barnido.

Then, they attended the Mass where they took their Renewal of Pledges.

We thank the Lord for this batch of volunteers serving Our Lady.