New Year’s Message of Sister Eppie

Dear Members, devotees of Mama Mary, Regina Rosarii Family & Friends,

siseppieWe, the Dominican Sisters are having our Annual Holy Retreat at the Carmelite Center in Tagaytay. Please pray for us. We have entered our silent space. We assure you of our prayers especially as we prepare to welcome our Holy Father. I love the way he emphasizes our need to be cheerful and joyful. Check out if you have a funeral face! We share with you his advise to those living the Consecrated life: look back with gratitude, live the present with passion and look towards the future with hope. It also applies to all.
We wish you a beautiful, bountiful and blessed New Year 2015.

We keep you in our hearts and in our prayers. Mama Mary Regina Rosarii keeps u under her mantle of protection.

One with you in the eternal NOW,
Sister Eppie and the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

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