Our 2nd General Chapter in Regina RICA began with the Mass of the Holy of the Holy Spirit

Our 2nd General Chapter in Regina RICA began with the Mass of the Holy of the Holy Spirit . The mass was presided by Fr. James Ferry, MM ( our Spiritual Director and Confessor) concelebrated with by Fr. Jun Suriben, our Parish Priest on August 1, 2016.

The mass begins with an offertory procession with symbolic offering:

Sr. Eppie Brasil and Sr. Maureen Ava de Mesa, carried the 2nd General Chapter logo, symbol of our response to the call of Pope Francis, the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

Sr Diday Sobremisana offered a tree, a symbol of God’s creation. May this remind us about our role as stewards of the earth.

Sr. Sarah Ronda carries a bowl of rice.  May the bowl of rice remind us that we need to pay attention to the cry of the poor for food sustenance and nourishment.

Sr. Menchi Advincula offered our Constitution, our guide to our way of life as Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii.

With great elation, Sr. Matthew Brasil offered the bible as a reminder for us that we are preachers of the joy of the gospel.

Sr. Ellen Tayo offered the rosary, a symbol for us to have a contemplative look at the world through the eyes of Mary, Regina Rosarii.

Our Novices, Sr. Fe Edullantes, and Sr. Irene Rafer, offered the picture frame of the “Veru Vulto” of our Father St. Dominic, symbol of our fidelity to the Dominican Order.

Fr. Ferry in his homily said that we are called to reveal the Divine Love of Jesus. We are called to be witnesses of Truth. We continue to pray for the inspiration to bring people to prayer, forgiveness and truth.

In this chapter, The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii will elect the general leadership of the congregation. We begin the new chapter of our life as Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and make plans and directions for our ministries and mission for the next five years.


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