Join us in the celebration of the Rosary month to our Lady

Our K friends – street dwellers that live in Kalye or kalsada (street), sleep on the Karton (card board) and bring their kariton (pushcart). Our K friends together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and her Lay mission Partners are celebrating Our Lady’s month of October by praying the rosary. We offer these to our countless supporters, our benefactors, those who share their time, talents and treasures for the projects of our Lady in Regina RICA. We also thank our friends who help us with their services.
Even our GENO (P98 para kay Mama Mary are our benefactors). 88MMM, Adopt a tree, ATM CARD, Big and small benefactors, Club 513 and now BATO members.
Remember The LORD HEARS THE CRY OF THE POOR. Photo credit: Dina Amante
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