Dominican Asia Pacific Formators visit Regina RICA

Sister Eppie always reminds us, “everything that happens has a reason.” The Dominican Asia Pacific Formators visit Regina RICA on her 8th anniversary on March 19, 2017 where she celebrates this with adobo festival. Why adobo festival? At the initial moments of Regina RICA lots of workers helped clean the area – katutubo of the Remontado tribe came to help, workers called by Mama Mary came to help and Sr. Eppie wanted to celebrate God’s kindness and generosity and she told us let us have adobo. This could be adobong kangkong, adobong manok at baboy, anykind of adobo and it was fun to eat together as one God’s community with all people from all walks of life. And this is what we celebrate God’s call, our togetherness in work and in celebration!!!

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