RICA Stations of the Cross is getting an uplift for the Lenten Pilgrimages

The Stations of the Cross at RICA are unique.

It is designed to approximate the hours of the Passion of Christ. The first four stations are under the trees because these scenes happened at night time: the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, the Sanhedrin, and the Scourging and Crowning with Thorns.

The fifth station to the eleventh station is located along the road to approximate the actual Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, going up the hill to Mt Calvary.

The 12th Station is at the Hilltop near the Columbary since it is the death of Jesus.

The 13th Station is carved on the hill, much like the Tomb of Jesus. And the 14th Station is on the top of the hill facing the sunrise as this is Resurrection.

Groups who wish to make their Stations of the Cross at RICA may reserve ahead.

Contact Ethel at 09151372353 or 84012036