Dear friends and devotees of our Lady Regina Rosarii,

Welcome to our website. We hope you find all relevant information here. After more than 5 months of lockdown at RICA, we have seen all the seasons of the place and we want to share them with you through the photos we have taken. Many of you have never seen such beauty.

We have included here all the protocols when entering the gate of RICA, the Chapel, the Restaurant and SULOD the Sanctuary of Universal Love and Devotion where we have the adoration chapel. Some areas will be closed.

Please come only when you feel good. Follow all protocols and rules so we will all stay strong and healthy RICA is safe and has good air quality. So please let RICA remain as such. Please bring all your garbage home. We have no garbage bin here.

God bless you more. One with you in the eternal NOW,

Sister Eppie Brasil,OP