What a Coincidence?

Migrants_Prayerweb_1When we attended the annual convention of the Association of Major Superiors in Tagaytay. Sr. Eppie was approached by the sister in charge asking her if she can make a prayer for the OFW and the migrant workers to which Sr. Eppie without hesitation said YES. We then produced candles for OFW & Migrant workers.

Part of what we earn will be given for the cause of the OFW & Migrant desk of the Association of Major Superiors. Today Sr. Reice of the Scalabrinian Sisters saw Mama Mary on top of our building and immediately she asked if they can pray the rosary to our Lady Regina Rosarii.

We answered YES you can and you are most welcome. So Reice and 20 OFWs came to pray. What a coincidence because we did not know of Sr. Reice and her OFW & migrant workers, nor they ever knew of our pledge to help the OFW & Migrant workers desk of the AMRSP until just NOW.




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