Advisory to our RICA Pilgrims

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will do a dry run for our Traffic, Parking, and Shuttle Services. This is in preparation for the coming Holy Week. Our Mother Foundress Sr Eppie Brasil OP hopes to provide maximum safety and security for every pilgrim.

Please be advised of the following changes to be tested tomorrow all day.

1. Entrance will be Gate 1 and exit will be gate 3.

2. Gate 1 will open at 630 to allow early arrivals to be parked inside and prevent long queues.

But, all other facilities and services will open at 8 AM as usual. The bathrooms however will be open at the Gate and in the Pilgrims Place.

3. PWDs in a wheelchair and Assistive Devices such as walkers will be given Privileged Parking near the Church, limited to 15 cars at a time, and limited to 2 hours per car.

4. PWDs not on wheelchairs but with orthopedic disabilities and senior citizens with weak knees see given priority for our Shuttle Services. The PWD Assistance Desk in front of the Pilgrims Place will assist you.

5. Pedestrians and commuters will assemble at the Waiting Shed and will be guided to use the Pedestrian Lane.

6. Motorcycles will be parked at Layer 1 of Parking Lot 1 and Parking Lot 3.

Thank you. Welcome to RICA.