Contemplative Living Experience And Nourishment (C.L.E.A.N) Seminar

C.L.E.A.N Day 1

The much awaited Contemplative Living Experience and Nourishment began yesterday with Sisters and lay contemplatives arriving at 4PM.

The usual protocols of registration, check in, and orientation followed.

After dinner, Sr. Eppie Brasil gave a talk on the “Transformative Power of Contemplative Living” which sets the tone for the next days to come.

C.L.E.A.N Day 2

The participants were immersed in the various spaces and practices at RICA that bring healing, cleansing and nourishment.
The day began with Morning Praise at the SHHHH, or St. Hildegard’s Haven for Health and Healing where they went down the riverstone path with bare feet, near the waterfalls.
After a plant-based breakfast buffet, Sr. Sarah Ronda gave a talk on Contemplative Listening, one of the best forms of prayer, which they immediately practiced in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
After lunch where they practiced Contemplative Dining, Sr Menchi Advincula led them to a body prayer – a combination of Shibashi and Qi Gong.
It was followed by a session on Finding God in the Forest with Sr. Kaye held at the Forest Therapy Trail. A mass followed at 5PM and dinner.
They were then treated to a unique contemplative experience after dinner – a walking Rosary and Star Gazing Meditation at the 3rd Floor Balcony led by Sr. Eppie Brasil.

C.L.E.A.N Day 3

paid attention to the nourishment of the body that included actual experiences in food preparation, food growing and food gathering.

Sr. Kaye led the opening prayer followed by a Contemplative Sit at Eckhart Hall, and then another nutritious and refreshing breakfast.

Sr. Menchi Advincula, a medical doctor and alternative healer shared her experience in Glucose management in a talk called Your Health is Your Wealth.

An exciting actual demonstration on Food Preparation followed in which the participants were divided into four menus: Soup, Main Dish, Vegetable Salad, and Juice. Their output were served to them as dinner.

After lunch, they were divided into two groups for the actual experience of Food Growing (Gardening with Sr. Irene) and Food Gathering (Fishing with Sr. Lodife).

A Rosary and Mass ended the day’s activities. Then after dinner, they were given a synodal theme on Expanding Your Tent given by Sr. Eppie.

C.L.E.A.N Day 4

The last day of the seminar brought the participants to a morning prayer in front of Mama Mary on Top of the Hill.
Then a light breakfast at Neneng’s Pergola near the Columbary where they also had their sharing and evaluation.
We thank all the participants of this pioneering seminar. For details about seminars like this, call Ms. Dina Abuel at Viber 0919-0040393 or 8253-7275.

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