2018 Lenten Schedule at Regina RICA

Please visit Regina RICA this Holy Week and be blest!

See you there!…

The Gift is now Open

The St. Joseph’s Garden of Indigenous and Forest Trees (GIFT) is now open to the public starting March 19, 2018. It showcases 183 varieties of Philippine native and endemic trees from 41 plant families.

There are 3,600 native tree species in the country unknown to most of the young Filipino today. The GIFT will help educate the children about the different varieties of Philippine native trees, making each visit a learning experience for them, giving them an idea of these wonderful creation of God which supports human life. It promotes environmental rehabilitation and is a model ecological sanctuary.

The GIFT is a natural garden of native trees with foot path for visitors, a gazebo, and a pond. It is envisioned to be a sacred space where pilgrims can find God and appreciate the natural heritage of our country as part of a contemplative way of life. The trees are planted for its blooms, edible fruits, foliage, medicinal and other uses. Under the blue skies and the loving gaze of St. Joseph and our Lady Regina Rosarii, these trees will thrive as a lasting legacy to the people and pilgrims who come to visit RICA.

The GIFT is a joint project of the Regina RICA Foundation, Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy, and Energy Development Corporation. It is lovingly dedicated to the late Dr. Oscar M. Lopez, LLD, LHD – Chairman Emeritus of Lopez Holdings Corporation.

Ms. Imelda Sarmiento of Hortica Filipina Foundation, Inc, and author of the books Philippine Native Trees 101, 202, and 303 spearheaded the project. The Jose Siao Ling Associates through Architect Jose and Ana also contributed their expertise in the completion of the Gazebo and the Koi pond.


Lenten Recollection 2018

We invite you to join us experience and discover God in our Lenten Recollection on March 10, 2018 at 8 am to 4pm at Regina Rosarii Motherhouse 70 Sout Fernandez St., Quezon City. Landmark: Tomas Morato Ave. CHILI’S RESTAURANT.

Regina Rosarii Seminar on Spirituality: Contemplation as Prayer of the Heart

Exodus Experience: A Vocation Discernment Process

The most secured life is the life surrendered to God…

Annual Retreat of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii remember in their prayers their benefactors, friends,
Lay Mission partners, volunteers, staff, family members, and pilgrims.  You who are sent by our Lady Regina Rosarii to us.

We are very grateful.