Seminar on February 27 to March 1, 2015 at Regina RICA



Martha and Mary:

Models of Action and Contemplation Martha and Mary, friends of Jesus, have the closest relationship with Him. When he feels tired and tense from his busy ministry, He goes to the two sisters to rest. Both of them have the qualities of contemplation and action. This seminar will help us balance our lives from the demands of our time so that we can choose as Jesus said, “the best part!”.

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Message from Sr. Eppie

Great show of faith among the Filipino people. We are blest with the visit of our POPE Francis bringer of light, of hope, of love, of Joy, of change to us. Let the sun shine. it may be stormy outside but the light shines within. Thank you your Holiness. Salamat po kapwa PINOY. Papa Francisco, Mahal ng Pilipino.

2015-01-16T130710Z_654210083_GM1EB1G1MK401_RTRMADP_3_POPE-PHILIPPINES Photo credited to Yahoo news Philippines

Pope Francis visits the Philippines

Don’t stop dreaming… dreams will make you grow to be happy and hope FULL!
Our Papa Francisco tells us to pray for him….
let us pray and be quiet.

Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP
Reginarosa Power Messages

Don't stop dreaming

Don’t stop dreaming…dreams will make you grow to be happy & hope FULL!

May I share with you

May I share with you. I was touched by the homily of Fr. Max Gatela, OP yesterday (January 6, 2015). The gospel reading was from Mark 6:34-44 and this was about feeding the 5000 not counting the women and children. And when the apostles told him to let the people go because it was already late. His reply was
“Give them some food yourselves.” This same order is given to us now.

And how much was there?

“Five loaves and two fish.” It will not suffice. Same here when we are asked to serve people what we have. What we have will never suffice but when we believe in God who will work through us, we will be surprised to see miracles happen. What became of the 12 baskets of extra bread and fish? Of course, Fr. Max said, they were given to the boy who gave up all he had, who shared the bread and fish. When we share what we have with an open heart. God provides with even more. Our God of abundance cannot be outdone in generosity.

At the beginning of the year we give you this challenge 88MMM what is this? Will you allow God’s miracles to work in you and through you?

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