Blessing of the New Pasilungan

Blessing of the New Pasilungan. Pasilingan is an Ilonggo word that means under the shade. This is our new restaurant in Regina RICA.

What happens in Regina RICA is that we cater to serve the pilgrims our Lady calls to Regina RICA. It all started when Sr. Eppie brought our Lay associates the ROCA, the Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association and we all went up the hill that was bare to raise our hands in prayer to Mama Mary Regina Rosarii, we prayed and sang the song “O the Lady is calling on the top of the hill”. Little did we know that our Lady will invite so many pilgrims to RICA. So first and foremost was the building of Mama Mary in Regina RICA. Then the pilgrims so many of them needed a place to eat so Pasilungan was born made of native materials. More people came, our Pasilungan could no longer accommodate them plus the fact that the name materials were falling down so the new Pasilungan was made which is now 3 storey building with a coffee shop to serve coffee lovers. Pasilungan serves healthy food which is our advocacy that we all need to be healthy.

Our parish priest Fr. Bong Sanches blest our new Pasilungan which is now ready to serve Mama Mary’s pilgrims. In the pictures you will see the first pilgrims of the day to come and eat in our new Pasilungan.

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Regina RICA celebrates her first fiesta

Regina RICA celebrates her first fiesta October 24, 2015, the 4th saturday of October. We started with the dawn rosary around the compound and we went up to Our Lady on top of the hill, Mama Mary Regina Rosarii. Fr. Bong Sanches, our parish priest celebrated the mass. Fr. Bong recounted his first mass in Regina RICA in 2009 where his shoes were filled with mud. The place initially was muddy and had plenty of talahib with nothing to see. When our Lady came a lot of miracles happened. Suddenly people came and we thought it will stop when they have seen our Lady but it never stopped. More people came and when you ask before the mass how many are the first timers you will see that 3/4 or even 4/5 of the people who come are first timers. Our Lady calls indeed on top of the hill… as the song of Sister Eppie would tell us.

Another mass was celebrated at 11 AM celebrated by our beloved bishop Most Reverend Gabriel Reyes, DD and still another mass at 4 PM was celebrated in the columbary, we call RICA Pahuwayan.



Biyaya Blessings for all

You have gone to Regina Rica because you were curious and wanted to see what Regina RICA is all about. You ask for  blessing and have received one and numerous blessings.

If you have received a blessing let us give our thanks to our Lady by being a blessing to others. If you are still asking our Lady, thank her now. Join us in this Dinner for a Cause, a night of dancing, singing, delighting in blessings. If you are not in the Philippines you can still be part of BIYAYA by writing to us at

To all our benefactors big and small, whether bote bote donor or our million donor please come and celebrate BIYAYA with us at PICC, Reception Hall at 6 PM on December 8, 2015. Our events are fun and memorable. Come and see.Biyaya banner web

Fr. Paking, Sir Poloy & companions visit Regina RICA

It has been the dream of Fr. Paking, Sir Poloy and companions to visit Regina RICA. They came to visit last October 3 & 4 at Regina RICA. Sir Poloy shared his gift at Regina RICA.







Join us in the celebration of the Rosary month to our Lady

Our K friends – street dwellers that live in Kalye or kalsada (street), sleep on the Karton (card board) and bring their kariton (pushcart). Our K friends together with the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and her Lay mission Partners are celebrating Our Lady’s month of October by praying the rosary. We offer these to our countless supporters, our benefactors, those who share their time, talents and treasures for the projects of our Lady in Regina RICA. We also thank our friends who help us with their services.
Even our GENO (P98 para kay Mama Mary are our benefactors). 88MMM, Adopt a tree, ATM CARD, Big and small benefactors, Club 513 and now BATO members.
Remember The LORD HEARS THE CRY OF THE POOR. Photo credit: Dina Amante
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Our K friends donate to the BATO project for Regina RICA

Our K friends are generous. After they received their senior citizens pension, they immediately said they will donate to the BATO project of Regina RICA.
What is BATO project all about? The construction of the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia has started. BATO project is a donation for cement, trashes and rebars needed for the construction.

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