Annual Retreat of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii remember in their prayers their benefactors, friends,
Lay Mission partners, volunteers, staff, family members, and pilgrims.  You who are sent by our Lady Regina Rosarii to us.

We are very grateful.

You can help us fill 200 Christmas Baskets for our K-Friends

Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP started the Alay Pahalipay – a Christmas gift giving for our K-Friends in 2005. Some have died others have “graduated” but we still have about 150 of them some have families. Many are living in the streets (Kalye), cardboard mats (Karton), and pushcarts (Kariton). Please share your blessings to them, and you will be blest more abundantly.

Adopt your angel now for the benefits of our K-Friends.

When you adopt an angel from this Christmas Tree, another angel on the street will be happy.

Angels are waiting to be adopted

Inner Healing Through Contemplative Prayer

Coronation of the New Image of Our Lady Regina Rosarii

Look: The coronation of the new image of Our Lady Regina Rosarii, at the Regina RICA Chapel on the Hill.

The new image is a Golden Jubilee gift of some ROCA members to Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP

Regina RICA Schedule for October

Look: the Living Rosary at Regina RICA!

Every 7th of October Regina RICA holds the living rosary, in honor of Our Lady, Regina Rosarii.

Our mission partners, composed of DIVA volunteers, ROSA-RICA, employees, staff, scholars, greeters, YUHOM and sisters participate as the living beads of the living rosary.

with Photo credits to our photographer, Ms. Dina Abuel.

ur photographer Ms. Dina Abuel.