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Come and Join I-connect

Even Jesus went up the mountain to pray to connect to God His Father. We too need time to connect with God in silence, stillness and simplicity. Curious? Come and experience.
Its after office hours at Arzobispado de Manila in Intramuros. It’s a date September 11 to 13 at 6pm to 8 pm. Its for all ages, for all the walks of life.

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Outdoor Mass at Regina RICA

Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP taught Creative Approaches to prayer to the formators of the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies (IFRS) at Regina RICA in Tanay, Rizal.

Watch us Live in FB Regina RICA Live on Sunday 10pm – 11pm Radio Veritas

Watch us Live in FB Regina RICA Live on Sunday 10pm – 11pm Radio Veritas. This is going to be exciting. This is the 13th anniversary of Sacredspace on the Air featuring Sunday Psalm and Sounds hosted by the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. Win prices.

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Dinner for a Cause 7.17.17

We had Dinner for a Cause on July 17, 2017. People from near and far whose lives had been touched by Sister Eppie came to support Dinner for a Cause. What is the cause? The heart of Regina RICA: the Institute for Contemplation in Asia. This will be a venue for transformation through silence, stillness and simplicity in this world that is filled with stress. Finding God in RICA was written by Sister Eppie to share with us her experiences. It is simple and yet to find God we need to invest in TIME.
Come join us.


Day 5: Thanksgiving of Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP as a Dominican Sister

Solemn Mass Highlighted Sr. Eppie’s 50th as a Dominican Sister

The grand celebration of the 50th year anniversary as a Dominican sister of Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP was highlighted by solemn mass at the Chapel on the Hill, Regina RICA, Tanay, Rizal. Rev. Msgr. Rigoberto de Guzman was the main celebrant. It was concelebrated by 24 priests including the friends, classmates and students of Sr. Eppie.

The mass started by a solemn procession of five Regina flower girls ( 2 of which were children of our Kariton friends and 50 candle bearers – whose lives were touched by Sr. Eppie for the past fifty years; acolytes, lectors and mass celebrants.

Sr. Eppie renewed her vows to Bishop Capalla, DD.

In her words of thanksgiving, Sr. Eppie shared the word ALLOW as acronym for A – Accept; L – Let go and Leave all things behind; L – Laugh at Yourself; O – Obey; and W – Wait. She said, it summarized her learnings for the past fifty years of her life as a religious sister. Furthermore, her learnings helped turn her darkness into light.

Reception followed at the St. Joseph’s hall where guests, friends, benefactors, classmates and students of Sr. Eppie had a festive lunch. There was a showcase of talents of different group of Lay mission partners of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii.


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