Family day at Regina RICA

On our 10th anniversary we invited our family members to join us in our celebration at Regina RICA. We bonded with them, we laughed together, we prayed together and we played together.

Sister Eppie in her talk reminded us of the hundred fold blessings for those who left father & mother to work in the service of God. The family response was so positive and each family was given the chance to share the blessing they have received.

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In our 10th anniversary we had pilgrimage to the Dominican Churches in Bataan

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii celebrated her 10th anniversary and part of this celebration is a pilgrimage to the Dominican Churches in Bataan.

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10th anniversary: Sisters sing & dance Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare

The sisters are preparing for the 800th jubilee year of the Order of Preachers,  the Dominican Presence in the world. In our own little way we sing and dance the song, Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare, the award winning entry of the Philippine Province by Fr. Guiseppe Pietro Arsciwals, OP


10th anniversary celebration of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

We celebrated our 10th anniversary as Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii with varied activities. We had lectures from different speakers, we had innovative songs and dances as we celebrated day by day.


Sister Matthew celebrates her birthday.

Our 10th anniversary celebrations falls on the month of May. We also have 4 birthday celebrations: Sr. Diday who turned 60 last May 3. Sr. Irene Rafer, OP our novice celebrated her birthday May 5. Sr. Karen Lanipao, OP celebrated her birthday May 8 and on May 15 Sr. Matthew celebrates her birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister Matthew. We love you. You are the ever gentle and loving Sr Matthew. We love you. From all of us your sisters, friends, K friends and Regina mission partners.


We had the energy & excitement to do more…

After visiting the Haven of the Elderly we proceed to visit the elderly residents of Kanlungan ni Maria. This is in Antipolo.

We prayed and sang with the elderly residents and we gave them water & food. We prayed with them. It is more fun to serve the elderly, the poor and the broken.

Come and join us!!!