What our pilgrims say about Regina RICA


After our Radio Veritas program Sr. Eppie finds a new ministry of accompaniment

After our Radio Veritas program,Sacred space on the air 10pm -11 pm, Sr. Eppie took particular notice on a young girl who was seated on the side walk as if waiting for somebody. She was thinly clad, I mean she was on a spaghetti strapped sexy blouse and in short shorts. Sr. Eppie gave time and talked to her as if 11pm was not yet late for her (Sr. Eppie).
These happened every after Radio Veritas which started in mid July 2015. At one time she told Sr. eppie she needed money to give medicines to her ailing father and she did know of any work. Then the following week her father died. Sr. Eppie continued to give her time and financial help.
These week was a big transformation when she already wore modest clothes and this time the only person she waited was none other than Sr. Eppie who gave her rice, viand and some money.



We celebrate our 11th anniversary of Broadcast ministry in Radio Veritas

It was like only yesterday when we started in Radio Veritas. And on our first time our ROCA members, Jase Jongco and Babes were outside the booth praying for us. And now we have reached our 11th year. onwards to our 12th year and more.





Construction Commencement Ceremony at Regina RICA

The construction of the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (RICA), at Sitio Aguho Sampaloc Tanay Rizal, officially begins with a solemn Construction Commencement Ceremony on August 8, 2015, Feast of St. Dominic.
The official instigation is after two years of intensive planning, preparation and raising funds. Rev. Fr. Delfo Canceran officiated the commencement ceremony. The construction team, friends and benefactors were present during the ceremonial blessing.

Our Bote bote heroes at Regina RICA

Be a bote bote hero in Regina RICA. I had the experience myself. Everyday I kept all the coins in a bottle for Mama Mary.
On the day I offered my bottle I felt high, I felt sooooo good. Try it! Experience it yourself and you will never forget how it feels.Be a bote bote hero in Regina RICA.
Come and see the long line of bote bote heroes ni Mama Mary sa Regina RICA. It does not take much. Just put your loose change into a RICA bote bote. And you cannot out do our Lady Regina Rosarii in generosity. Get into the experience.




Regina RICA celebrates the Feast of Saint Dominic

Regina RICA celebrated the feast of Saint Dominic with a mass presided by our Parish priest fr. Bong Sanchez and concelebrated by our homilist Fr. Delfo Canceran, OP.

During the mass Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP our founder and Superior General offered 5 loaves of RICA herb bread and two fishes to symbolize our trust in Divine Providence for the construction of Regina RICA Institute. We don’t have a province or big schools to back us up. But we have the experience on how God has provided for us in all our constructions, in all our needs.

It took the offering of a boy of 5 loaves and two fishes, his total surrender and dependence on God as there is no instant availability of food in a desert, to make the miracle happen. That in spite of our meager resources God will touch the hearts of many people who will share their time, talents and treasure to make the construction happen.IMG_3329